Because invasive species have such potential to establish quickly and spread agressively in new areas, early detection is key to management. Data collected through the tools below allows land managers and policy makers to coordinate rapid response efforts to invasive species infestations. If you own land or spend time outside, download the EDDMapS app below or visit the websites of other invasive species tracking systems active in Oregon to help protect native landscapes. Since reports from both of the apps and the hotline are sent to one, unified database, land owners should choose the reporting mechanism that suits them best. For weeds of immediate concern, such as our Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) species, a local resource will contact you to follow up on your report and possibly remove the plants. Have questions about reporting or how to restore your land? Send us a message on our Contact Us page!

EDDMapS West - Click here for more information on EDDMapS West and to download the mobile app (for both Apple and Android devices).

Oregon iMapInvasives

iMapInvasives - Click here for more information on iMapInvasives and to create a free iMapInvasives account.

Oregon Invasive Species Hotline - Click here for more information on the Oregon Invasive Species Hotline and how to get involved.


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