City of Bandon

Learn how the Gorse Action Group is Partnering with the City of Bandon

As of July 1st, 2019 it was unanimously voted by City of Bandon Council members to amend the Prohibited Vegetation Ordinance No. 1631, which removes all exemptions for gorse. This is an effort to better manage the growth and spread of gorse in the greater Bandon area.

The Gorse Action Group is working with the City on a District Plan for gorse abatement, please read the synopsis here. Management of gorse is best accomplished through voluntary compliance, which would involve strategic coordination and partnerships between private property owners, local businesses, city/county/state/federal agencies, parks, ports, watersheds, tribal members and a variety of other entities working together toward responsible land stewardship.

The District Plan has divided land within the City of Bandon into 6 abatement districts as well as one urban growth boundary (UGB). District abatement progresses from north to south using a prioritization of fire risk, topography, wind direction, population density, types of structures and other significant criteria like property lines, ownership and rights-of-way. Please see an overview map here and individuals maps of each district here.

District #1 Flyover

In order to provide coordination, cooperation, and strategic cost-sharing it is important for all private, public, and tribal landowners to create a vegetation management plan for their property. Please see a sample vegetation management plan here. Compliance is achieved by filing and implementing a vegetation management plan with the City of Bandon in the time frame requested by the city, typically 30-60 days, of notification by the city of a complaint or the start of work in a specific district. To get started on your vegetation management plan, please fill out the site review checklist by clicking on the image below for a fillable PDF.

Still confused about how all of this will work? Review these Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to the Gorse Action Group at You can also contact:

Bear Slothower, Vegetation Management Coordinator at for further questions or to get started on a vegetation management plan with your neighbors!

For compliance issues please contact the City of Bandon directly at 541- 347-2437

Stay tuned for updated documents, announcements, and outreach activities!